Have you ever been told that your illness is all in your head? Have you ever been told that your blood test and diagnostic imaging results are completely normal but yet you are still experiencing discomfort on a regular or even daily basis? If the answer is yes, then you are a prime candidate for being helped by holistic medicine.

Chinese Medicine believes that illnesses first start in the channels (energy meridians) before they manifest as a condition that is verified by diagnostic tests. It has been observed in Chinese Medicine that a person’s lab work can show no abnormalities, yet they still experience symptoms, and such individuals tend to show many channel abnormalities when evaluated by a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Often, when the channel imbalances are corrected, symptoms start to improve.

Even if your lab tests and diagnostic imaging results show abnormalities, you can still be helped by holistic medicine. However, sometimes in this situation, it means the health condition has progressed further and therefore you may need to be more patient and adjust your expectations about how soon and even how much you can be helped by holistic treatment. That is not to say that, over time, with the correct treatment and lifestyle adjustments, a person’s lab-confirmed illness cannot be fully resolved. Healing will just take more time as well as consideration of what life factors may be maintaining the illness.

Holistic systems of healing do not actually treat disease – they treat the person, meaning that they seek to restore balance to the body so that the body may resolve the disease on its own. 

Chinese Medicine is a holistic system of healing with a history of over two millennia. For chronic disease, it first takes into account how a person feels about and interacts with the world and the people around them, as well as what self-limiting beliefs that person might harbor as a result of past traumatic experiences, to diagnose which acupuncture channels have been thrown off balance. The actual symptoms that a person is suffering with and the laboratory results are secondary in the diagnostic process. For acute health problems, the reverse may be true – the symptoms and lab test results may be considered before the person’s psyche.

If you are living with acute or chronic health problems, Chinese Medicine can take you on the road to recovery and guide you towards a healthier life. However, don’t be surprised during your visit if your practitioner asks you questions about issues in your life that seem unrelated to your health complaint. Your honest answers may provide important clues to help determine the most effective treatment plan for you.